SHES Behavioral Management

Intake Specialist: Mrs. Jackson

S.H.E.S. A non-profit 501c3 Community Empowerment Organization.

The strength of our client's ability is to successfully manage their mental health behaviors. Learning how to promote resiliency.

Inclusion is the goal for all of our clients. Education is a tool that challenges the mind to growth. Our Youth Well Informed (YWI) program is a holistic psychosocial mental behavioral strategy designed to assist the ability to communicate that growth. This is accomplished by proper assessment and diagnosis, prescribed rehabilitation and to build client's communication skills. Client then has a better opportunity to focus and process in learning environment.

Our clinicians are dedicated to providing the best service possible for our client's Mental Health needs.

Our Treatment Includes: Mental Health Screening and Assessment, Psychosocial Rehabilitation, One-on-One Counseling, Group Counseling, Premarital and Family Counseling, Community Referral Program, Food Program (Year round and summer).

All services are administered in a Safe, Healthy and Confidential Environment. We maintain HIPPA standards as required by law.


The mission of Samaritan Hope Empowerment Services (SHES) is to offer quality care services and solutions throughout the community. We employ qualified and passionate clinicians enabling our client’s success. Our aim is to provide individualized treatment options through a complete system of care by educating individuals, families and communities in an effort to attain self-sufficiency and resiliency.


Samaritan Hope Empowerment Services (SHES) vision is to impact our community with attainable change. To build the family life in the targeted areas we serve. Our goal is to counteract the overwhelming stigma of dysfunctional family life due to the lack of understanding the need for behavioral mental health services. As we reflect upon our beliefs and what’s important we ignite our efforts in what we display to our clients. SHES a positive model of change in the community guiding with “serving hands, loving hearts” is the right leadership. Education is the key and the beginning to treatment that prepares the client mentally. Our team of clinicians, behavior administrative staff, volunteers, partnerships and resources is the tool to providing the best behavioral health services to those we serve.